Follow the step-by-step guide below to enable Java applications to run on this site.
The following guide describes the process of enabling Java on computers running Windows 10. However, similar principles apply when enabling Java on other software.

Note: Java applets run best with Internet Explorer. However, when Internet explorer is not available, applets can be viewed in Chrome using the IE emulator or CheerpJ Applet Runner extensions.

  • 1.    Navigate to the CONTROL PANEL using your computer's search bar.

  • Java guide Java guide

  • 2.    Search for JAVA within the control panel and open the Java application.

  • Java guide

  • 3.    Click on the SECURITY TAB at the top of the Java window and subsequently follow the link to EDIT SITE LIST.

  • Java guide
    Java guide

  • 4.    Scroll to the bottom of the EXCEPTION SITE LIST and ADD the URL of the page on which you want to enable Java.

  • Java guide

  • 5.    The following message might appear when you click OK. Click CONTINUE and close down the control pannel.

  • Java guide

  • 6.    Java should now be enabled. To test, close all browsers and subsequently reopen them. The Java applications should now run with no error message.

Note: Java can often take time to update so you may need to wait several minutes before the enabling process is complete and Java will run. Additionally, it may be necessary to clear your browser's cache before the Java applications will work.

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